Terms of Use

Using every service of FreeIPAPI means that you have accepted all the terms of conditions.


Registration on our website means that you have accepted our Terms of Use.

Receiving Emails

If you've registered on our website we may send you time to time marketing emails about only our product, and you have this option is to unsubscribe from our mailing list after you receive your first email.

Emails about your account status such as password resets, subscription notifications, etc. are not subject to this term, and you may not unsubscribe from them unless you delete your account.

Account Deletion

You have the option to delete your account from your profile section after you logged in. Account Deletion will destroy your data from our database and cannot be undone.

IP Information

We're getting IP information from third-party and opensource databases and there is no guarantee that they are 100% accurate.

Rate Limit

Everything about Rate Limit is explained in the Rate Limit page.


FreeIPAPI ships with Free and Paid plans. The Free plan will stay free of charge as it was already and on top of that we offer paid plans for more features. This means that none of the features of the Free plan has been changed!

Subscription Termination

You may cancel your paid subscription anytime. In case of cancellation, Your subscription will stop at the end of its period. It is possible to get a refund if you cancel your subscription no longer than 5 days from when the subscription started, and you need to contact us via email ([email protected]).

Black List

We reserve the right of blocking users who send us excessive number of requests and hitting the rate-limit or using the service in order to fetch all possible IP addresses for data mining purpose.

Changes to Terms of Use

We may update these Terms of Use from time to time and since we don't provide accounts and collect information from you if you are using our Free plan, it is not possible to inform you about the changes. The only way you can notice the changes to these Terms of Use is to check this page. However, for the users who are using our paid plans, we will inform them via email in case of any changes to our Terms of Use.

Last updated [2023-07-29]

The changes will take effect on [2023-08-15]